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Harvard Gets It: “Your Company Is Only as Good as Your Writing”

Back in July, the Harvard Business Review Blog Network published an article covering how important good writing is to any company. The author even goes so far as to say that he won’t hire people who use poor grammar. Why?

“In business, writing is inextricably tied to company identity: writers have to think about what a company stands for, where it’s going, and how that company should be presented to the public.”

Good writing, whether it’s on your company’s web site, in your work instructions, or in your business letters, is a reflection of your company’s credibility. It’s difficult for content consumers to give credence to your message if it’s riddled with errors, or confusing, or incomplete.

The problem isn’t just with writing. It can be delivery as well. It could be your choice of a brochure over a web site, or the color red instead of the color blue, or putting yourself in the commercial and not the product.

If yours is a smaller organization, it may not be practical to be so iron-fisted about employee communication skills, especially when you have specialized resource needs. What’s important to take away here is that proper attention still needs to be paid to your company’s communications persona. If that means getting outside help to do it, you should consider it. Since your organization's credibility is your greatest asset, you’ll be making a smart investment.

PS - The article includes a playful paragraph where the author purposely breaks the rules to show how unruly rules can be. Did you find it?



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