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Notes From The Warren

3 Reasons The Draft/Review Cycle Is So Important

In content development, the draft/review cycle is the way in which content development advisors work with SMEs to execute a content project. Once the project requirements and source material are established, the content development advisor can create a draft that your SME will then review. If there are changes to be made, your SME will communicate them to the content development advisor who will implement those changes. This process repeats as necessary until you’ve got the finished project. Why is this process important?


  1. The time required from your SME is kept to a minimum. They might complain about the time they waste reviewing content, but the fact is they’d spend MUCH more time developing the content themselves. You’re not paying them to write. You’re paying them to do their jobs.
  2. Nothing’s ever perfect on the first try. Having review stages in the process solidifies your content prior to publication. If you rush the process without review, it’ll show, and that’ll cost you.
  3. Quality. It’s that simple. The entire draft/review cycle is designed to maximize the quality of your content before it gets released. That means checks against your requirements, checks against your SME knowledge, checks against your own well-trained eye.



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