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Notes From The Warren

The Most Important Part Of Your Message

There are three basic parts of communication: the sender, the content, and the audience. What’s the most important part of your message? It’s always the audience.

If it weren’t for your audience, you wouldn’t need to communicate. In your business, your audience might be customers, or vendors, the government, or employees. In any event, you must know your audience to be able to develop your content so that it grabs their attention, inspires them to do what your message asks, and keep you credible. If you send a message to an audience that’s not tailored to them, you run the risk of losing their interest, alienating them, or damaging your credibility.

For the most successful message, try to understand as much as possible about your audience and tailor your content based on that knowledge. Is your audience college-educated? Is English their first language? What’s their age demographic? Will they get your message online or face-to-face? The answers to these questions dictate how you should develop your message content to be most effective.



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